Welcome to ZAMA Japan Co., Ltd.

Originally ZAMA Japan was founded in 1952 as a die-casting company, named Shinagawa Die-casting Co., Ltd. ZAMA Japan is the center of R&D, design of in-house production tooling, as well as support for Japanese domestic customers. Our technologies and the Know-How have been continuously elevated and inherited by product development. Line-up of our developed products are diaphragm carburetors, oil-pumps, electric carburetors, solenoid valves, and the next generation fuel control devices of fuel injection for hand held power products. Our developed products are manufactured by Guangdong ZAMA Precision Industries Co. Ltd. We communicate using the latest IT technologies like TV-conference and VoIP with ZAMA group, and with customers on concurrent engineering support. Our growth is contributed to our ability to listen to the customers and to react quickly to the customer’s demands. We continue to challenge the development of unique idea for hand held power products.

Mamoru Toda
Vice President Development Engineering ZAMA Group

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